What is the role of the fuel filter?Do you know?


Fuel filters play a vital role in today's modern, fuel-efficient engine fuel system,

Fuel filters play a vital role in today's modern, high-precision engine fuel systems. Unfiltered fuel may contain various pollutants, such as paint fragments and dirt that hit the fuel tank during refueling, or rust caused by moisture in the steel fuel tank. If these substances are not removed before the fuel enters the system, due to the wear of particles on high-precision components used in modern injection systems, they may cause rapid wear and failure of fuel pumps and injectors. Fuel filters also improve performance because there are fewer pollutants in the fuel and can be burned more effectively.

What is the role of the fuel filter?Let's take a look.

The role of the fuel filter is to filter out harmful particles and water in the engine gas system, protect the oil pump nozzle, cylinder liner and piston ring, reduce wear and avoid clogging.The fuel filter removes iron oxide, dust and other solid debris contained in the fuel, prevents clogging of the fuel management system (especially the fuel injector), reduces the wear and tear of construction machinery and equipment, ensures the stable development and operation of the engine, and improves product reliability.There are three types of fuel filters: diesel filters, gasoline filters and natural gas filters.The fuel filter is a consumable material. In the process of management of the vehicle, it needs to be replaced and maintained regularly, otherwise it will not play an important role in qualified protection.

The fuel filters have been filtered.In the early days, the filter elements of gasoline filters were sheet metal gap type, metal wire mesh type, nylon cloth type, porous ceramic type, etc.; The filter elements of diesel filters were cylindrical felt type, nylon cloth type, cotton yarn type, etc.These filter elements have good control performance and long service life, but they generally have shortcomings such as low filtration efficiency, complex structure, high cost, and inconvenient maintenance. They have been gradually eliminated.

At present, both gasoline filters and diesel filters generally use microporous paper filter elements, which are treated with phenolic resin and made into a folding cylinder type, which has the advantages of good passing performance, high filtration efficiency, simple structure, low cost, and easy maintenance.

Nowadays, most engines are equipped with disposable non-removable and washable paper filter fuel filters. The replacement cycle is generally 10,000 km, and the mandatory replacement cycle is 30,000 km. If the fuel impurity content is large, the driving distance should be shortened accordingly.In addition, the filter has an arrow mark for the oil inlet and outlet. Do not reverse it when replacing it. If it is accidentally flipped, it must be replaced even if it is working in the flipped state for a short time.

China's filters have gone through more than 30 years. From Bengbu to Bengbu in the 1980s, the establishment of national testing standards in Bengbu has promoted the rapid rise of the entire industry, especially the Wenzhou model has been shining, from car accessories to auto parts, from the outside of the car to the inside. There has been a qualitative leap, but the fuel filter, the gasoline filter, has not been taken seriously. It is a product that is rarely replaced in 4 filters and is easily overlooked. Gasoline filters have been lurking for many years, with the acceleration of automobile speed, the rapid warming of oil prices, the transformation of the environment, the improvement of environmental protection, and the reduction of carbon emissions, gasoline filters have been changed from external to built-in, With the change from carburetors to EFI, built-in gasoline filters have become a trend.

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