How often does the air filter change?


The air filter element is the same as the masks we wear in smoggy days. It is mainly used to block impurities such as dust and sand in the air.

The air filter element is the same as the masks we wear in smoggy days. It is mainly used to block impurities such as dust and sand in the air. Don't look at this component. It is not inconspicuous and the price is not expensive, but it is extremely important. .Someone has done an experiment before. If you remove the air filter from the car and then drive as usual, the degree of wear of the cylinder is eight times that of the car with the air filter installed, the degree of wear of the piston is three times, and the piston ring is nine times.In other words, without this air filter, the engine will be scrapped for two or three years. In addition, it also has other hazards.So many impurities in the air run in and burn together with gasoline, which will cause insufficient combustion, impurity deposits and residues, resulting in carbon deposits, so the car lacks power and fuel consumption increases, and then enters such a vicious circle, and finally the car is abandoned.

Normally speaking, the replacement cycle of the air filter element will be prompted in the manufacturer's maintenance manual. Under normal circumstances, the air filter element is recommended to be replaced once for 10,000-15,000 kilometers, because the clogging of the air filter element over time will affect the air intake of the engine, which will cause the air-fuel ratio in the engine to change, thereby affecting the combustion process, causing carbon deposits inside the engine, unstable idling speed, decreased power, increased fuel consumption and so on.

Various situations will be encountered in the actual use of the car. Therefore, there is no absolute standard for the replacement of the air filter, because it depends on the amount of dust and impurities that the air filter absorbs.It is also an air filter. On a vehicle that has been driving on a highway for a long time, it can be used for 30,000 kilometers or more before being replaced; for an off-road vehicle that always shuttles between the countryside and the countryside, it may have to be replaced within two months.Of course, both of these situations are more extreme. For ordinary urban vehicles, it is more appropriate to replace the air filter every year or every 20 kilometers.

Of course, the time or mileage of the vehicle is only a reference value. The final factor that determines whether the air filter needs to be replaced is whether it can no longer allow enough air to pass through.The air filter should ensure that impurities in the air are filtered out, while allowing enough air to enter the engine.

It should be noted here that in fact, the air filter after working for a period of time is more efficient than the new air filter.This is because the impurities that the air filter has already adsorbed can help it capture more tiny dust.In the end, the air filter will still affect the operation of the engine because of the accumulation of too much dust.At this time, the vehicle's fuel economy, power, and emissions will gradually deteriorate until you change to a new air filter.Reminder: An air filter that looks dirty does not mean that it is no longer working properly, so whether it needs to be replaced depends on the condition of the vehicle.

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